Writer, Poet

Prize-winning poet Lawrence Pettener survived the late-70s rock era to be at Led Zeppelin’s last UK gig. It left a poet speechless (there are, however, plenty more books on their way).

Having dodged bullets in Liverpool, Turkey and Pakistan, he continued alone overland to India and Nepal, where he taught English to Tibetan children. He also survived Israeli workcamps,  fruitarianism, cave life, deserts, intentional communities, tofu, the new age, London squats, modelling, teaching refugees English, cats, relationships, shared houses, care work, call centres, qigong and fridges full of chocolate (though not necessarily in that order).

More recently, he has been celebrating middle age and enjoying writing in Malaysia. Apart from his own creative projects, he helps clients on a range of writing and proofreading work. His services include writing for businesses, brochures, company profiles, blog articles, content for websites and social media, as well as video scripts.

He identifies strongly with being Liverpool-Irish, as well as European. Liverpool exerts a strong influence on his poetry, as does place in general. Publications include an audiocassette collection and a weekly page (reviews, interviews) in The Bath Chronicle.

His work is best known in European capitals, where he has given many live readings and had his work translated widely (including into Gaeilge/Irish). He has also given BBC broadcasts.

Lawrence Pettener has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. He has taught Creative Writing at UWE and other UK venues.